Boys Parties

Your boys want to look cool, they want to wind down the windows and show everyone in their neighbourhood this Birthday party Limousine Melbourne is for me and my mates.  My family are awesome and they know exactly what I like.  My mates will remember my limokids party Melbourne it will be epic.


Your boys will strut with confidence when they see the kids limo party vehicle arrive with its presence and music pumping through the bass.  Their excitement will be hard to contain, these boys will be jumping up and down ready to get in and party.


They want as many photos as possible on the red carpet, funny poses, making sure family post on Facebookimmediately so they can be seen by everyone they know.  Boys of the moment, they will drink soft drink,have lollies, party & play games inside kids Limousine Melbourne.


It’s about turning up the music in your kids Limousine Melbourne, feel the bass pumping from the massive stereo system, connect your ipod to adjust the music to his taste.  Rock it out to the coloured laser light beams through the limo, check out the retro disco floor, karaoke, games, music videos, all happening at once and they love it.


They look sharp, sunglasses on looking cool and fitting in, making sure everyone sees them with plenty of selfies inside the limo. Kids limo party Melbourne stops along the way for ice cream, milk shakes or we connect with your theme for the party.


Often parent’s will mention, their limokids experience has given their child a level of confidence around their peers, they look cool, feel cool and are cool and that’s important to boys. Making memories for your son, grandson, special guy, nephew & best mate is what it’s all about, they deserve good times.











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